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Welcome to Mission College Manila Support


Manila is an easy to use Content Management System that allows you create and edit a Web site while using a Web browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape. Manila uses templates and a WYSIWYG editor to allow you to develop a webpage as easily as you create a word-processed document.

Common uses for Manila include:

  • Faculty and Staff Home Pages
  • Web Enhanced Classes
  • Collaborative Information Sharing

The Mission College Manila Support site includes the following resources:


A general overview of Manila

Manila Tutorials

Interactive Flash™ demonstrations of common Manila procedures. (Requires Flash 6™ Player)

Brown Bag Training

Information about scheduled Manila brown bag training sessions, a links to download Manila training documents, and links to download training support files.

Manila FAQ

Answers to common Manila user questions, quick tips, and links to Userland's Manila FAQ's and support page.

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